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Our Policies

  • Caller must stick to the topic being discussed.
  • There must be no vulgar or otherwise abusive language.
  • Remarks putting down another language group, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation, are not permitted.
  • We have a 7-seconds delay system, which is used to prevent such comments from making it to the airwaves.
  • We require each of our talk show hosts to provide us with an outline of any controversial topics likely to be raised in advance.
  • Where something comes up without planning, they will be required to provide us with notice immediately after the program.
  • We will monitor the flow of discussion to ensure that more than one point of view on matters of public concern has been provided, ensuring fair and balanced coverage.
  • Where only one side of an issue is provided we will ensure in subsequent programs that such information and opinion is provided within a reasonable time frame.
  • Host editorials and guest opinions are clearly stated as such, and are separated from actual facts.
  • Written policies relating to open line programming are given to hosts to ensure policies are practiced - progressive discipline used if a breach occurs.
  • The operations manager is specifically tasked with the responsibilities.
  • Host should be resposible for his or her programs and news.